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Implementation of the newest research on recycling
Reduce of soil contamination
Owned industrial machinery
Fenix-Grupp is responsibility and development!

Our modern industrial society inevitably affects the environment. Besides, a great part of wastes from USSR plants has already been stored in the soil, and it keeps on affecting the ecological situation. However, it is up to us to make better environmental conditions!

Fenix Grupp specialises in metal industries waste recycling. It gives life to wastes, lowers mining and reduces soil contamination. The whole technological process is developed together with our scientific partner B. Kulikov, who is a PhD in chemistry and a lead researcher at Siberian Federal University.
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20 years
We make soil free of pollution
4500 tonnes of wastes
We recycle every quarter
1500 tonnes
Of production every month
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Fenix-Grupp extracts and recycles carbon-containing wastes of hazard categories 3 and 4 from industrial landfills. The final product of recycling are crushed electrodes.
Our company recycles aluminium-containing wastes from large local industries, such as RUSAL, Krasmash, K&K etc. As a result of thermal treatment we get aluminium ingot and other alloys.
Fenix Grupp collects ferrous and non-ferrous scrap from big industries. The scrap is processed and transformed into sorted briquetted metal.
Final product
Используется для производства минераловатных утеплителей в качестве добавки к коксу при плавлении смеси шихтовых материалов, а также в качестве восстановителя и шлакообразующей добавки в черной металлургии.
Crushed electrodes
Technical carbon
Crushed graphitised electrodes
The company produces standardised form of aluminium that is appropriate for the futher melting. The metal undergoes serious transformation before casting, which includes melting, getting an appropriate chemical composition, reducing non-metal and metal additives.
А5, А6, А7, А85, АК5М2, АК7, АК7M2, АК9, АК9m2, АК12, АК12m2, АV87, АV91, АV97, А0, АD, АD1, aluminium wire rod AKLP-PT-5E.
Ecology and social mission
Reducing of accumulated soil contamination
Producing final product from secondary raw material
Reductions in mining
Company structure
The company has all the required licenses for hazardous waste recycling
Collection, transportation, recycling and disposal of 1 to 4 category hazardous wastes
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Exploitation of explosive, flammable and reactive production units of hazard categories 1, 2 and 3.
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Storage, charge, recycling and distribution of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap.
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71 Pogranichnikov St., Krasnoyarsk, 660111, Russian Federation
+7 (391) 224-52-80
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Crushed electrodes
Metal production
Crushed electrodes
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