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Implementation of the newest research on recycling

Fenix-Grupp implements cutting-edge developments in the area of industrial waste reprocessing. Our long-time scientific partner is B. Kulikov whose research in this field has already had a significant influence on modern iron and steel industry.

Reduce of soil contamination

Every quarter Fenix-Grupp extracts hundreds of tonnes of hazardous waste inherited from the progressive Soviet times. Waste from industrial landfills is recycled and sent back into production processes. It doesn’t have any effect on the soil condition anymore and helps reduce mining.

Making better environmental conditions of our homeland and our planet is our common goal. Even if the predecessors left a bad ecological footprint, it is up to us to improve this situation and make the world a better place for our descendants.

Owned industrial machinery

Fenix-Grupp owns a significant industrial machinery fleet that includes waste extraction, recycling and transportation equipment, as well as certified smelting furnaces and support equipment.